Live 2021-06-04 -- Camila Fuchs

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A room. The concert or rather the live stream took place in a room. Well, this is not very uncommon, but it is worth mentioning. Yet, while this might evoke a certain type of setting, like a rehearsal room or a lounge or living room, such is actually not the case here. Rather, the band used a video that was displayed on all (!) sides of the room, except the from where the camera was pointing, because then no one would be able to see anything. The video kept changing throughout the performance and ranged from indescribable makro images over to videos done with a mobile of the environment of the outside. This type of presentation is superior to the one of a live performance, which might have the videos as well, but then on one screen only.

As the visual presentation is only part of the cake, what about the rest, then? According to the Bandcamp entry the music is some kind of electronic pop mixed with some other stuff. And after a couple of minutes into the performance one thing is abundantly clear, this band is anything but conventional. Beats and noises make up a part of the music, while on top of the music the voice of Camila De Laborde hovers above it all, while the music is created by Daniel Hermann-Collini. Well, the music is rather odd, but positively so. It dares to be different and it takes the listener on quite a trip, which is appropriate because why else would there be a need for this kind of visual aspects? There is not much action or moving about by the two musicians, but there is no need for it. As the music does not demand any type of or maybe engage the listener to move about or jump about or the sort, the band delivered a minimal performance. Which was fine.

All in all a great performance. Should you be able to see a live stream or a concert of them, then this band is something you might want to consider attending it. Something of this quality is not common on a Bandcamp live stream.

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