Live 2021-06-20 -- Fifi Rong: Yi Jing 意境 Live Episode 3 Dream On

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Flashbacks or references to the previous concert again. Glimpses can be grasped, but nothing more. The concerts then opens with fast cuts and fragmented music. Hints of a voice and sounds. It eludes the immediate and hopes to prepare the stage for the intrusion of the concrete. Will the lack of a definite expression make the appreciation a more engaging and comprehensible setting increase the appreciation?

A black ground and Fifi Rong in front of it, later a luminous ball makes an appearance; apparent some light on a retractable pedestal so. Sadly the music is rather conventional here and this light things is hardly able to fascinate and somewhat comical how it tends to appear after a certain sung phrase. It gets after that, though.

Even though the transition over to the next part raises the hopes for some music not only with bites but also intense beats is not really fulfilled, the contrast as well as the sharpness in which one leads over to the next is definitely welcome. Stripes of cloth with cut outs that remind on Chinese characters on top of them help to set the mood. Red in colour and later further illuminated by black light, which has also an effect on the make up on Fifi Rong. This would be a reason to watch the video in 4K, because the visuals are great and the electronic beats add their share to increase the perception and atmosphere.

The next track is in front of horizontal stripes that merge together behind here. Melodic pop music, less dark but more captivating. Of the last two tracks can be said that these take place in a similar setting, but appear slightly different. Opaque cloth hangs from the ceiling, while she stands in the middle of it. First with a minimal light setup and later additionally illuminated. Some kind of musical crescendo with fats cuts to earlier visuals/settings.

Similar to what the previous performances offered: well crafted visuals with indie pop music. A lot of effort went into this and it is rather captivating.

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