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A weird person performing, since she is only using a/two microphone on this occasion, weird music, while being accompanied by another person, who might be weird as well, would be the bottom line of this concert. Suzana Lașcu's performance is of a sort that will not spark the interest of many people. Which is good or bad ... as is generally the case, perspective is of an issue here.

The setting this time is a church and the instrumentation contains of an organ, while the rest are vocals. No noise effects, no beats, nothing. Just these two elements. In terms of the setting the music is either clear and has a narrative element, or is in contrast only a melody with a vocal expression on top of it. The latter of these dominates the concert and this is actually a good thing, because the vagueness works as a nice counterpoint to the repetitive or minimalist nature of the instrument. It is all about expression and on how to deliver it, rather than an immediate definite understanding in the mind of the listener. Vagueness demands effort into disentangling the twisted harmonious knots and its underlying conceptual basis. The concert was about "philosophical improvisation on the release of one's soul, based on Gilles Delleuze's concept of virtuality(Sic.)"[1]. It seems that the music tends to deal with some kind of literature since the release "ÉLOA", which was offered as a free release for this concert, deals with "Éloa, ou La sœur des anges" by Alfred de Vigny. While the music is not of the easy-listening type, it is rather captivating nonetheless. Suzana Lașcu has a good voice and is able to create an intense performance. It may be best to experience the music on location and not over a stream. By merely watching the show from a distance, part of the visual and audio experience is missing. The two and fro between the vocals and the instrument, the full range of the sound and part of the atmosphere are missing when it comes to a stream.

Similar to the first performance the stage is illuminated in green, violet and red. Suzana Lașcu wears rather large and round sun glasses and is the main focus of a camera; another one would show Jaap van Gils playing the organ. The venue would was the Oude Kerk Charlois in Rotterdam.

The concert has been uploaded on Bandcamp and can be found here:

Note: [1]

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