Live 2021-07-17 -- Jesca Hoop -- The Deconstruction of Jack’s House As Live Stream

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You need a reason why you should listen to the band? "Born To", originally released on "The House That Jack Built" might be the best example for this. Whether the sound of the version on the album "The Deconstruction of Jack’s House" is anywhere close to what this live performance offers is unbeknownst to this writer, but should it be of equal proportions in sound and style, then it will be a track to return to again and again. It is the atmosphere, the three female voices, the odd catchiness of the track that together set the pace and style and atmosphere for this performance on Bandcamp.

Yes, indeed. This release celebrates a new output by Jesca Hoop and the music is a take on their other aforementioned album, but stripped down in terms of music and sound. Only thee voices, a guitar, a bass guitar, muffled drums and some additional percussion elements make an appearance. Calm. Taken back.

And somehow you feel that is actually all you need. There is no necessity for more. Event though this is only a stream and one is only allowed to watch from a distance, Jesca still engages with the audience, talks to them, tells some stories, introduces the music. This is how it can be done and this is why this concert had been a lot of fun. One really felt ensnared in the web and atmosphere created by the band. The last track was a bit difference since Jesca was accompanied by someone, whose name I did not grasp, and without the other "girls" that had been thrown out. The eponymous track of "The House That Jack Built" was delivered with only a single guitar with her voice over it.

Definitely charming and rather different from what the band/Jesca had provided on other albums so far. This could be a rather interesting experience in terms of a live concert. This performance took place on a lusciously decorated room and with some outré decorations. No money was deemed too much to acquire a pot of paint, to set up the separator that would help the musicians from getting too close to each other and those leafs on top of the room where arranged beautifully; one might suspect them to have appeared there naturally.

All in all a great performance.

Note: No, the writer of these lines did not buy the album on the day the stream took place. Whether this release lives up to the performance is difficult to say, but it is nevertheless something to look out for.

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