Live 2021-07-24 -- Merpire - Debut Album Release Party

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Slices of home-made lasagne sheets hung over this concert like a guillotine. The band, while being on good spirits and motivated in terms of the concert, was also anxious to plunge the forks into this Italian dish in order to devour it mercilessly; hopefully they did not gulp it down with Australian wine. The rather large audience (in the stream) was made aware of this fact throughout the concert, but looking at it from now on, it opens up a few questions:

  • Was the dish ready ... ready in the sense of that it could be eaten immediately?
  • Would it be necessary to heat it up again (not a favourite thing to do in terms of lasagne)?
  • Would everyone of the folks in the room get a piece of it?

Piano and guitars plus a weird cheap keyboard were used in order to set the stage in terms of the music. Merpire aka Rhiannon Atkinson-Howatt would be the person to add some vocals to it. Together a really fascinating piece of music unraveled and the living-room atmosphere did its part to foment this impression. Compared with the music on the album "Simulation Ride" the tunes are less intense and less energetic, but it never felt as if this was a problem. It was not as minimalist as the performance of Jesca Hoop's The Deconstruction of Jack’s House, but it was not too far off.

Presumably all tracks of "Simulation Ride" were offered and some additional ones requested by the audience, whose thirst for music was rather grand[1]. But with a lasagne looming large on the horizon or from the kitchen, not more than roughly forty-five minutes were offered. And therefore those minutes and tracks were over far too soon... similar to a well prepared and with home-made lasagne.

The tags attributed to the aforementioned release range from pop to rock and alternative and this is what you get. A lot of catchy tunes, a great atmosphere and stuff.

One question remains at the end: by what will the band be lured away on the next stream? Cannelloni, Gnocchi or a Carbonara?

[1]the writer of these lines had absolutely no clue about the band's music prior to this live stream.

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