Live 2022-05-29 -- Kashka - BiMonthly Livestream

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Quite some time since I did a review about a live stream and I do not even know any proper reason on why I did not continue writing about these performances, because I attended quite a lot actually, but there you go. Kashka and this would the second performance I attended of her and this time without her wearing a "crown", when I recall correctly the way she described it on the preceding one; gosh, the slips of memory.

Her music is nice, calm and intriguing. Driven by her voice and nothing more than a guitar. Sweet melodies, mainly folk in style, but with hints from pop as well. Interestingly enough, one of the tracks had been of a punk variety at some point, but with the help of a musician at a writing session it was changed to something more "mainstream" oriented ... I better leave it at that. Aside from that music to calm down and to enjoy.

A lot of nice interaction with the audience, some jokes about user names, stories about seeds, chickens and too many noises from the outside. Yet never discouraged, she continued to perform her music.

A nice and charming performance and one should really look forward to the next one.

Note: Never do a larger software update prior to the performance, because this is generally a bad idea.

And this live stream came with a free release, which is always nice.

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