Live 2022-06-09 -- Cultdreams - Seafoam 5th Anniversary Show

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To write about a pre-recorded session is all too often like eating refrozen gelato. It simply is not the same and due to the way ice crystals will have found their way into the smoothness of the ice cream. There is simply a lack in pleasure in this regard and it is rather cumbersome than anything else. Yet there are moments, when this is not much of an issue, because the treat happens to be more of a sorbet for instance, which by itself is more icy and less creamy. You can still experience those slight nuisances, but these can remain hidden under the layers of other textures and tastes. Which brings us to the topic at hand.

The stream this review deals with, had been pre-recorded and it is nice that the band had been rather upfront about it; which is not always the case on Bandcamp. Yet instead of offering the insatiable audience an old icy and crystal-ridden desert from the back row, they treated them to a dramatic exploration of the creation of the album Seafoam, with some accompanying music in between. It was therefore a juxtaposition of anxiously devouring these cold desserts in those moments of suspenseful narration, while the musical counterpoints offered breaks of brief relaxation and contemplation or restocking of the ice-cream comfort food.

Indeed, there was no sugar-coating taking place and the bitter taste had to be endured as the narration revealed how all took place and came to be. Life!

So in the end, it was an amalgam of contemplation and enjoyment. Sugar-induced hallucinations and ecstatic punk-driven exaltations.

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