Live 2022-06-15 -- Drone Tribe Ambient Live

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A square room. Long greyish curtains on either side. Tables. Chairs. A bass. A laptop. Equipment. That is it. That is what we see through the camera.

To see dance used as an element to support the music is a welcome addition and in this case a single female dancer added a performance to the minimalist sounds of the band. At times she would use a glowing lamb in an otherwise dark room, at other she would place in somewhere in the room and move around without it. This support of movement an illumination added something nice to the music. More colours would have been nice.

Aside from this visual element, the music itself is minimalist, as can be expected from an ambient performance. Two musicians made an appearance Hajime Totani ((fretless?) bass) and Waki (Synthesizer). Calm melodies, extensive song-structures, dreamy sounds. Two tracks, an overall length of roughly an hour with a small break in between in which the band elaborated a bit on the project and the background of the performance. Waki informed the audience about how he was granted this space to work on this projects, which are generally streamed on Youtube, but for this occasion Bandcamp was used. The second of the tracks was more of a droning kind and had much more reverb than the first one. Either of the tracks have some short moments in which the music has beats and a slight hint of dynamics, which is really nice.

The event took place in the Kyoto Art Center. The attendees also received a free release.

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