Live 2022-07-24 -- Xani - Dreaming of You Single Launch

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Length: ~1:20h
Tickets: 10AUS$
Live: yes
Free stuff: yes, the single "Dreaming of You".

It was 8 o'clock in the morning in Germany, when this concert took place. Well, what else do you want to do on a Sunday? Sleep in? Why not attend a live stream of a band from Australia?

Pink. This is what you see when you are on the Bandcamp profile of the band. Pink background. Pink album covers. Pink CDs and the latest item in the merch section of the profile is a pink t-shirt with dark pink lettering on it. Yep, it is pop music with a considerable amount of bubble-gum and sugar in it. Right. Well, the overall live setting has also a tinge of pink to it. Somewhat surprising she, Xani, is not throwing around bubble-gum and sugar cubes throughout the performance. Only slightly disappointing though.

A small side note: this review will also mention Justin.

Is it right to make jokes about this band? Of course. Why? Well, the performance was so outrageously good and enjoyable that the reviewer is happy to not live anywhere close to the band's origin, which means that any chance of actually attending a live performance is thankfully out of the question; as someone with a broad metal music background one cannot be too careful. Glimpses into this rose-tinged world is fine, but a full dive into their realm is out of the question.

The setting is as follows: a drum kit with triggers, played by Justin, a violin, a small amount of electronic equipment, some kind of rotating stage lights and an incomprehensible blurry neon band logo; whose light is probably pink.

After an improv track, in order to get things started, Xani unleashed her approach of "An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music". A lot of good vibes, catchy tunes, pop-song-lyrics and a lot of moving around by Xani. It is so catchy and harmonious as well as drowning in sugar that one can easily image a club dancing along to these tunes. A captivating performance by two musicians who know how to get their kind of music across. Furthermore, she did not forget to interact with the "crowd" in the chat and encouraged some kind of interaction. The time flew by and what better compliment can be given to a band? Even all those moments setting each track up and each of the arrangements up again, never felt like something that was tiring, because to see all of the isolated sounds fall into place was somewhat fascinating.

And of course this review will also mention Justin; Justin is important.

Should you have a chance to see them, judging from this live stream, this might be a good idea. They are fun.

All the money made from the tickets went to Justin the drummer, which means that he was not paid in bubble gum and/or sugar cubes. Good to hear.

(Those who attended the live stream will get the references to Justin ... hopefully.)

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