Live 2022-08-07 - Festival Maritim -- Sunday

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(This "text" is more about the experience at the Festival Maritim than what would be written normally. All written without taking notes after a performance and all basically from memory)

Again a rather late hour marked my arrival at the festival, because in the early days I had been off to Oldenburg in order to spend some money on the Ceramic Days, which inconveniently took place at the same weekend. And no, 250 € for a bowl is too much and it does not matter how well it is made. Especially if it has to be washed by hand, because you cannot put it in the dish washer.

Anyway ...

16:15 -- Tripple

No techno music in sight, a bright warm/hot sun and one litre of wheat beer gulped down, what better thing to do, then to sit down on the heated up floor and enjoy some music? Summer times and a brillant atmosphere. Aside from certain rather depressive music branches, how can a band possibly fail at a live performance under such conditions? Ludicrous!

The band has their "routine" so to speak and they deliver the songs they know and they are familiar with. I knew several -- all (?) -- of them already, but the setting was different and the sun fried my brain, which means that all was good. Of course some kind of variation would have been nice, maybe some choral elements in the melodies to spice it a bit up. But considering that this was presumably their 10th or so performance over the course of the weekend they delivered and were a lot of fun.

... still no free whiskey ... a disaster.

I had a chat with one of them prior to their performance and they have recorded a release ... which has not seen the light of day so far, yet.

Interlude ...

I shortly attended a concert by The Foxes. They wanted to engage the audience and distributed flyers. Sing along, sing along, have fun. No, I do not want to sing along. And no, I do not like group pressure. I left shortly afterwards.

Pekel, played some nice tunes. Yeah that is all ... sorry.

... Interlude

18:00 -- Unicorn

I wanted to close the weekend and a very hard and mentally draining week at work with something that would leave me with a nice impression. Hardly surprising Unicorn delivered. They offered some other tracks than on the previous performance that I had attended and this time a band member from an entirely different band, made an unexpected and wonderfully executed Riverdance performance while Unicorn played the tunes. What had been written about in the previous concert became ever more apparent in this one: Unicorn have been around for some time, are a well settled band, know how to entertain the audience -- in limits -- and are well skilled in their instruments.

At times the vocalist reminded me on Candice Night from Blackmore's Night, but without all the ridiculous lyrics and stuff. Also the music had a vibe that pointed in this direction.

Again, a pleasure to watch.


If there were two bands, whose performance I would, from today's perspective, attend without much pondering or deliberation, then it would be Tortilla Flat and Unicorn; sorry Tripple and no, bribery with some "wee drams" would not have helped you in this regard.

2022 Shanty Folk Festival 2022-08-07