Live 2022-08-08 - Festival Maritim -- Overall impression

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-- Good weather

-- To see the pretzel shop sold out at Friday evening at some point made me speechless. And not only me. I overheard some discussions on this issue on Saturday as well. There is no reason not to have pretzels or any other lye roll ... thing ... available at any point in time.

-- Not many vegetarian dishes or food available. Especially not by the restaurants.

-- The homepage of the event as well as the flyer was only in German; afaik.

-- There was some confusion about which stages were where.

-- One stage, number 9, was way off ... was this one really necessary? No ... no wait. Keep it and setup a proper metal stage there. All we need is beer and we are fine. Just provide us with some space to start a nice freaking pit. A couple of ambulances might be good. Better safe than sorry.

-- Pricy cocktails. Why?

-- No mobile coffee shop. I wanted some proper coffee and did not get one. Kaffeetante ftw?

-- Where the fireworks were supposed to take place was not known at the information booth.

-- Jolly good atmosphere and chatty bands.

-- No coherent quality of band entries on the homepage. Some have contact addresses others not. Why? Some texts were rather short, while others were surprisingly long. Not always is the country given on the homepage. Absolutely not good.

2022 Shanty Folk Festival 2022-08-08