Live 2022-09-04 - Merpire - Simulation Ride Album Launch + After (the) Party Conversation

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Length: ~1:30h (45m show + 45 min conversation)
Tickets: 10 AUS$
Live: no. Prerecorded.

Good location with two (!) stages and both were used by Merpire during the concert. How? Well, at some point the part of the band ran out through the back door, arms flailing and such, only to enter the venue through the front door and to enter the other stage. After some amount of music on that stage, off they went back again.

Easy-going stuff, catchy music, good stage performance, good camera work and atmosphere. What a difference it makes to have a crowd. The sound, the ability to exchange words with them or even merely have the sound of cheering once a song is over.

Really fun stuff and quite captivating, which made this pre-recorded stream quite enjoyable.

2022 Australia Pop Rock Alternative Merpire 2022-09-04