Live 2023-03-19 -- Genevieve Artadi - Forever Forever - Album Listening Party

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Length: ~45min
Tickets: not sure about the price.

A secluded studio. A place enwrapped with or lost in a green hell. The studio where the latest album of Genevieve Artadi was recorded. No live performance, no furious celebratory exultation of the deeds done, but a (sanitized) audio-visual presentation of facets thrown together of moments to craft this latest release. Though a somewhat surreal experience to look at, due to the closeness as well as distance of nature and modernity. How in either case the sounds are expressed and are experienced. Time to figure out the arrangements and when they took place in a chronological order: Forever Forever.

A modern and rather intimate approach to record the band and the sessions and stuff. Smartphones as a means to archive all that took place, by which the images had an occasional shakiness or blurriness. This was what the audiences was guided through. Music here and music there. A recording here and a recording there. A relaxing and somewhat odd way to "partake" in this all. No juggling, only balancing! In some respect it was a narrative, a telltale of how things came to be and how things were, but one cannot touch or fully grasp it. A modern "spectacle". At times it comes over as a "walking simulator", but without any means of interaction.

The music has the wild and somewhat unpredictable character that has also been part of Genevieve Artadi's earlier recordings. Good to see a continuation in this regard. Electronic beats, fuzzy harmonies, odd rhythms and a good portion of unpredictability. Be it a song or the album itself, there is always a chance to experience the possibility to be thrown thence here and thence there. Breaks in style and sound are not uncommon in terms of the music of the band and it is nice to experience a willingness to dare the challenge the listener in this regard. Amusing music, an interesting glimpse into the recording process of the album. A lot of fun stuff.

The band was around in the chat and was responding to the questions without any hesitation or delay.

Note: There is a nagging feeling that I once wrote a review about an earlier release of her, but it simply cannot be found (any more).

2023 USA Pop Experimental Genevieve Artadi 2023-03-21