Live 2023-04-07 -- Toxik Ephex (44th Anniversary Gig) with The Eddies, Mark Ayling --- Krakatoa Live

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Length: over two hours...
Tickets: not sure about the price.

My knowledge of punk is limited. Really limited. I can therefore only write about how I perceived the music and whether I enjoyed it or not.

Mark Ayling
Not my cup of tea ... skipped it.

The Eddies
A lot of fun. This is how I would summarize the performance. Catchy tunes, nice rhythms and riffs, engagement with the crowd and all this kind of stuff. They really get their performance across, which is also due to the level of energy contained in their songs. I listened to their songs for a second time in order to write this review and these are really cool and well arranged.

Some of the band members are also a bit older. The lead-guitarist is sixty.

Thumbs up and a recommendation. Check them out if you can.

Toxik Ephex
Not the first time that Bandcamp presents a band that appears to kill it live. For me, Aberdeen is not around the corner, but it would have been nice if it would. Awesome performance, great atmosphere and music. 44 years and still rocking. Really catchy tunes, a lot of influences from other genres and can easily enjoyed by someone with an open mind; lyrics and music.

Of course the crowd did its part in this regard and there was even a small pit in front of the stage. Also nice of a member of the audience to be concerned about the health of the drummer and to provide him with something to drink.

Check them out if you could ... awesome band.

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