Longévité - Rivière du Loup

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The second demo of the Québécois funeral doom metal band contains one track of roughly sixteen minutes. In style it is basic. Basic in the sense that there are no keyboards, no filler, no nice breaks or other stuff that would help to spark some interest in returning to this piece once it is over. Raw in sound and style, slightly unbalanced and thereby favouring the drums to some extent, Longévité, a one person project, performs the music in a simple and down to the Earth style.

The eponymous track of the release opens in a particular kind of way, progresses in a certain kind of way and ends in this one particular kind of way. Hardly anything surprising happens in this track and it somehow feels as if this one piece could go on for much longer and it would hardly matter and hardly anyone would care.

The music is a style that had been done to death a million times. A riff plays, is allowed to linger, then some drums, and at times some vocals. On and on it goes. Bereft of any fascinating element, bereft of any new ideas. When starting the review the score had been at 55, but after pondering more and more about the music, 40 appears to be appropriate.

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