Pechblende - Ripples

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It is in the continuity of the music that one should look for; its underlying idea. As indicated, steadiness appears to be key and finds expression in the uttermost basic level of the music on this recording. Ripples, a chaotic but still somewhat predictable thing in all natural environments with elements of waters in it. All it takes is a slight amount of energy in order to create a sense of motion into the molecules of the liquid and the physical effect can be discovered. Shake the ground -- to put it very very simple -- and something of equal sorts can happen. Ripples are not created out of itself. There is always something or someone that can be pointed towards as having initiated them, as having provided the necessary energy. Ripples are a result and not a cause.

Then how does this aspect and the music hinge together? Are those noises, those textures, those motifs an expression on how music should be seen? Is it merely a result of an impetus on an artist that has found expression through this means and into this form? As everything can be pointed towards as just that, this argument is valid but also rather meaningless. If all holds true, nothing holds true.

Somehow the strangest aspect of this release are those samples that had been added on top of the basic drone/ambient texture(s). With the ideas of ripples in the back of the head, one may wonder whether these are the result or the initial element; which of these sound would impact and be the source. Hints of industrial, hints of piano fragments, hints of melodies can be found. The track "Submerged" has these for instance. And even though they are able to merge with the overall sound and direction of the music, the additional intensity of those sounds comes is something uncalled for. With a rather calm and steady atmosphere and with generally little interference from whatever kind of source, not much would be able to break the flow of the music. As such, it is odd to experience these counterpoints throughout the album. Pechblende's music is a calm kind of ambient with drone elements. It can all be summed up as a steady textures in the background, which have slightly varied and repeated motifs on top of them. All is in a flow. Most of it is nice, most of it is gentle. Accordingly, Ripples has a comparably warm atmosphere and is something that can be enjoyed without music effort.

As the cover indicates, the music is rather dark and minimalist. It is reduced on a small set of elements and sounds. Music does not need much and this album is a good example for this. The performance on this release attempts to keep a balance between what can be done in this setting, but without exploring the realms of the avant-garde too much. Most of the tracks help to set the mood for relaxation and may help to calm down and to contemplate.