Sea Oleena - A Lift (Dreams Of Portugal)

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This track is part of a compilation and it is currently (?) its opener. As can be expected of Sea Oleena, the music is very atmospheric and hypnotic. It appears to be an attempt to evoke in the mind of the listener the imagery of a scenery at the water front, a scenery one might even want to place in the summer. A hazy thick air that is welcoming and off-putting at the same time. Somehow the rhythmic element are blows the push the listener back into the chair again.

What is there to lift then? The spirit? Should we merely gaze on the iridescent scenery that unravels itself in front of our eyes, but limited to our audio-visual senses as we are bereft of our ability to actual explore that which surrounds us?

The Algarve is a renown place in Portugal. Maybe this is what the track alludes to. It is easy to add some pointless phrases about the beauty of this place, but since the writer does not receive any royalties from any tourist organization praises and the sort were amended.

Nevertheless, it is music to dream to and let the sprits float. The vague voice, the haunting atmosphere, those vague sounds and the calm piano paint together quite an interesting calm scenery.

Take the lift ... to who knows where.

Part of: The 'Dreams' compilation from Stadiums & Shrines and Cascine is a double album of new ambient and experimental compositions by contemporary artists. (Source: