Sea Oleena - Untethering

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Only one track, then. Its content a procession of chords, while an ethereal voice adds some supplementary atmosphere. Additional to that something like sound samples appear over the course of the track, which in the end wakes memories on the preceding "Weaving a Basket". Though while a continuation of an established idea appears to be the basic concept in terms of the atmosphere, the expression itself differs to some degree.

As written above there is a procession of chords and it is up to the guitars to express these. Strangely enough those unmistakable and clear sounds work as a fix point in terms of how the music is perceived. Unlike on the preceding release, whose title indicated an act of crafting, this one points towards the opposite, as it is indicated by the title. All is surprisingly clear and bereft of layers of obscurity. There is the play of the guitar, there are vocals, there are the sound elements, there is the cover artwork and its unmistakable expression of direction and there are the lyrics, which follow in line what had been written before. It is such a gentle get-together that it is somehow mandatory, especially from the point of view of reviewer, to be annoyed by it. This overall banality and straight-forwardness is nothing but a stark deviation from the established routine of Sea Oleena. A gentle touch on the "soul", as some my call it.

A nice track, but nothing less. Yet it is an improvement in terms of sound and style compared with the "Weaving a Basket" output.