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Title: Similar to the cover artwork: somewhat unfocussed.

The Shuyet (shadow) is described in funerary texts as a powerful entity which both requires protection and offers protection [1]. According to the Facebook page of the band, the members originated in Egypt, but have since moved to Germany. This explains the imagery that appears on the front cover. No, there is no bowl of sauerkraut, white sausages and lederhosen.

The entry of the Metal Archives [2] is rather curious, because according to the band line-up as well as the one presented for this release, there is no vocalist. Three persons and each in their own kind of way torment an instrument. Well, someone has to do it, since there are lyrics expressed in each of the three compositions. The all too common mystery that tends to enshroud black metal bands in one way or another.

??? is a talker. What is a talker? Well, it is a vocalist whose part in the music takes over a rather large spot and is a somewhat focal point. First the vocals, then the rest. With some kind of sinister croaking, speaking, screaming ??? sets the mood somehow and the instruments do their best to support him. A rather solid performance, but as the vocals set the pace and take a lot of room, breaks and surprising elements are not something that can be discovered.

The black metal itself is not bad. In terms of dynamics the band likes to offer some extremes in either direction, which is a nice facet. At times it feels like they would wander off in the direction of intense music like the one by early Dark Funeral or Triumphator, then it is a like Mayhem at others. To have melodic or rather distinctive short moments in which the guitars are able to shine appears to be of some importance to the musicians. It attempts to adhere to the old-school crowd as well to those who fancy slightly modern stuff. While we are at it, this band does not mess around with samples or sounds of Egypt or Egyptian mythology. Aside from a calm intro and outro the music is black metal in a variety of facets [3].

The word shuyet indicated a rather dualistic nature: it offers and demands. This schism is apparent in the music, which at this point, as it is the band's first release, does not appear to be utterly convincing. Those three tracks linger between good and solid, but are not engaging or would spark a lasting impression. Maybe someone should also take the mic away from ??? now and then.


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  • 3: These calm moments make up nearly three minutes; 1 and 2 respectively. This is a lot considering the release is not even twenty minutes long.
  • This review was written on a promo package provided by Seance Records. The quality of the MP3s was only around 265 kbps.

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