Yuri Urano - Sosui

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It is a play in some respect. It is a play with perception and expectations. On the one hand there are the additional sound elements added by Yuri Urano, while on the other there is the unmistakable clarity of nature itself. Which of these experiences evokes more of an image? Which of these would spark a sensation in the mind?

First a track with a strange repetitious melody, whose conception has something of the stupendous tasks that some people might attribute to sprits and how they live and behave. Here a childish folly, there a weird waltz and there something utterly incomprehensible. Rhythm adds something, rhythm diverts from something and the rhythms changes over time. This juxtaposition is weird and charming at time. One might hope to watch, hope to join in, hope to make it last.

Without the additional sound effects there is only nature, only the sound of nature. A gentle flow and murmuring of a small flow of water. Nothing spectacular, nothing that by itself would evoke an image or create a sensation. Maybe it would be something to contemplate to, something to put your feet in, something to sit idle by, while enjoying a book.

Which is it then?

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