Yuri Urano - Wavering Leaves

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Yes, it is nice to be reminded that nature is raw and it is nice to experience what it contributes to this track; no royalties given to it, I presume. Its contribution can be experienced in the second of two tracks. There the minimal drone texture is absent and through this the sound of nature is revealed. That is why this track is indeed raw. With only the sound of the environment -- the chirping of birds mostly --, an unmistakably reduced experience is presented to the listener. The urbanist is reminded on the loss, which might only become apparent by being reminded on these sounds or impressions. Interestingly, with only the texture around, the sounds of nature come over as more intense as well as with more clarity. Is this additional element equal to what a spice can bring to an otherwise well balanced, yet overall nevertheless limited dish?

The cover artwork is lucid. It is an overexposed photography. It is an arrangement of superimposed elements. A palimpsest so to speak. Contrary to the music, of which it is a visual accompaniment, less could be more in this regard. Less artificiality in the expression would reveal the underlying focal element of the picture. Here it is not to accentuate the "natural", a statue is always man-made and therefore not "pure" in the sense of belonging to the non-human realm, but rather to prepare the listener for the amalgam of slightly contrasting facets.

With two times six minutes and thirty-three seconds the music is all in all rather like a small bite. One for the body, one for the mind.

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